Question: How To Say United States In German?

How do Germans call someone from the United States?

Amerikaner, like its English counterpart, is a little ambiguous but very common; one could say einen Amerikaner fahren to mean “driving an American car,” or it could even be used informally to refer to a German citizen.


Ami is derived from Amerikaner, but it refers specifically to people from the United States; it is not derogatory in the least, but it does tend to connote the full-strength American stereotype; as the least formal, it is unquestionably the best choice for Du Scheiu00df!


This is very precise, and it is much more common in formal German than the English equivalent US-American; saying “Bist Du US-America?” unless it is required in context is unusual.

US-B├╝rger | amerikanischer Staatsb├╝rger

In German, the prefixing compound is indeed US-. VS (from Vereinigten Staaten) This is extremely rare, and refers to the country name rather than the country itself.

What does Germany call the United States?

In Germany, we use Amerika as a synonym for the United States of America, though we also use it to refer to the continent, usually with the addition of Nord- or Su00fcd-, and the people who live there are known as Amerikaners.

How do you say I came from the United States in German?

(I am from the United States of America.) I am from the United States of America.

What does AMI mean in German?

Yank, Yankee, American (native or inhabitant of the United States) m (genitive Amis, plural Amis) (informal, mildly derogatory)

Do you say stay in German?

In German, the noun (der) Aufenthalt (pronounced [a.

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Can I use TKS in the US?

EasyConnect’s standard calling plan includes free calls to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany; the easyConnect Global option includes free calls to over 130 countries; and incoming calls to a German mobile phone are free when received in your “home network.”

How do I call a German cell phone from the US?

In Germany, how do you make a phone call?

  1. Dial 011 for the US exit code
  2. 49 for the German country code
  3. 1 for the mobile phone code
  4. 30 for the area code
  5. 1234567 for the phone number.

What is in in German?

The preposition in belongs to the group of prepositions that can be accusative or dative depending on the meaning of the clause, and it means “in” in German.

How many American expats are in Germany?

More than 100,000 Americans live in Germany, and they, like millions of other Americans living abroad, are treated unfairly by their home country’s tax authorities.

What does Plotz mean in German?

Plotz comes from eastern; English Yiddish platsn, literally, to burst, explode; Middle High German platzen.

How do you stay say stay in German?

Bleib (stay) is derived from the German verb bleiben, which means “to remain” or “to stay.”

How do you say live in German?

The words “leben” and “wohnen” are both used in German to describe where one lives.

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