Often asked: How To Say Cool In Russian?

What are some cool Russian words?

Russian words that are unique

  • Perepodvypodvert. _: (n) sth.
  • Nedoperepil.: (v) under-over-drunk.
  • Toska.: (n) ache of soul, longing with nothing to long for.
  • Poshlost’ _: (n) sth.
  • Kapel.
  • Dacha.
  • Glazomer.

Why do Russians say super?

Spasibo (thank you) is the most basic and traditional way of expressing gratitude in Russian. When a cashier hands you your purchase, you say u201cspasibo,u201d and when someone holds a door for you, you say u201cspasibo.u201d

What is the most beautiful Russian word?

11 Russian Words That Will Make You Fall in Love With Them

  • (vdoh-no-ve-nie) / motivation.
  • (le-le-yat’) / cherish.
  • (ba-yu-kat’) / rocking to sleep.
  • (pa-li-sad-nik) / front garden.
  • (ou2013sen’) / autumn.
  • (vi-da-yu-shi-s’a) / outstanding.

What is beautiful girl in Russian?

Beautiful woman and beautiful girl are two Russian words that can be used to describe both men and women.

What does Opa mean in Russian?

Scream, or, more correctly, “” or “” Look up a translation.

What is Privyet?

Pryet! (pree-vyet) is an informal way of saying “hello” in Russian. It’s similar to the English “hello,” and you should be acquainted with someone before using this greeting.

What is the Russian word for gangster?

Fenya (Russian: [fjenj]) or fenka (Russian: [fjenjk]) is a cant language spoken by criminals in Russia.

How do you flirt Russian phrases?

11 Russian Flirty Phrases for Romantic Conversation

  1. ()
  2. u2013…
  3. !
  4. ,,
  5. !

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