Quick Answer: How To Say I Am Good In Spanish?

I am fine translation into Spanish

u00bfEs que tengo que ir a Estrasburgo para que todos los diputados, a los que les contaru00e1s nuestra conservaciu00f3n, saben que estoy bien tal como estoy, natural, sin ninguna operacion?

How do you say I am good what about you in Spanish?

I’m fine; how about you? – We’re fantastic! I’m fine; how about you? – We’re fantastic!

How do you respond to im good in Spanish?

Estoy bien (u201cI’m fineu201d), or simply Bien (u201cWellu201d), is the most common response.

What is another word for good in Spanish?

Even if you don’t know much Spanish, you may already be familiar with the word “bueno” (boo-EHN-oh). Bueno is an adjective; use bien (BEE-ehn) when you need a noun or an adverb.

What language is estoy bien?

I’m fine – I’m fine, translated from Spanish to English.

What’s estoy bien mean?

“I am well (or fine) thank you,” is the correct English. “I am good” is not uncommon, but it is incorrect. January 6, 2021.

How do you respond to Como estas?

When someone asks, “How are you?” the standard response is probably “Bon” (“Fine”) or “Muy bien” (“Very good”). Of course, both of those responses are frequently expanded: “Muy bien, gracias.”

How do you respond to I am fine in Spanish?

‘I’m fine,’ in Spanish, is Estoy bien, and it’s a common response, just as it is in English, especially if you’re just chatting with someone you don’t know.

Is estoy bien formal?

In formal situations, to express that everything is going great and that no further information is required; a variant of estoy bien is todo bien (all good), which works well in most situations.

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How do you say goodnight in Spanish?

How to Say Goodnight in Spanish: “Buenas noches” is the Spanish word for “goodnight.”

What is the meaning of NO in Spanish?

You can substitute another word for no in Spanish, such as nadie (nobody) or nada (nothing).

What do mas o menos mean?

mu00e1s o menos (Spanish for “more or less”): more or less, mediocre, neither here nor there.

Are you sure in Spanish slang?

In Spanish, how do you say “Are you sure?” (Estu00e1s seguro?)

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