FAQ: How To Say Many In Spanish?

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Many is an adjective that describes a noun (for example, the big dog), and pronoun is a word that acts as a substitute for a noun. Mu00e1s gente, mu00e1s llevadero es el trabajo means “more people, more work.”

How many ways are there to say how many in Spanish?

When we want to know HOW MANY or HOW MUCH of something there is, we use the interrogatives (question words) CUNTO, CUNTOS, CUNTA, and CUNTAS. But why are there four forms of this question word?

How do you spell Manny in Spanish?

Manny or Manu is a nickname for Manuel in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Romanian, Greek (Latinized), Polish, and Dutch.

What is the Spanish word for count?

cuenta cuenta cuenta cuenta cuenta cuenta cuenta cuenta cu

What does 1000 mean in Spanish?

For a thousand, there are more Spanish words.

Is Cuantas feminine?

The feminine singular noun cuu00e1nta must be used with gente (meaning people), which is a feminine singular noun.

WHAT IS A in Spanish mean?

Although the common Spanish preposition a usually means “to,” it can be used in a variety of ways that aren’t related to motion or location, including as adverbial or adjectival modifiers. A is also frequently used in time expressions, usually to mean “at.”

What does Manu mean in Mexican?

(very informal) masculine noun (Spain) or man’s (very informal) masculine noun

Is Manny a real name?

Manuel, Emanuele, Immanuel, Emmanuel, or Manfred are common nicknames for people with the given names Manuel, Emanuele, Immanuel, Emmanuel, or Manfred.

What’s the meaning of Manny?

Manny: A male nanny is a man who works full-time in a family’s home to care for one or more children. The term manny appears to have originated in the 1980s. Plural: mannies or mannys.

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What are the Spanish colors?

Here’s a quick rundown of Spanish colors and how to pronounce them.

  • Red u2014 rojo.
  • Orange u2014 naranja.
  • Yellow u2014 amarillo.
  • Green u2014 verde.
  • Blue u2014 azul.
  • Purple u2014 lila.
  • Pink u2014 rosa.

How do you say 1000 in French?

Simply say the number, then add the word “mille” to represent a thousand.

How do you say thousands in Spanish?

Hundreds of thousands

  1. 2.000 – dos mil.
  2. 3.000 – tres mil.
  3. 9.000 – ten mil.
  4. 10.000 – z mil.
  5. 79.000 – setenta y nueva mil.
  6. 100.000 – cien mil.
  7. 150.000 – ciento cincuenta mil.
  8. 900.000 – novecientos mil.

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