Quick Answer: How To Say Fall In Spanish?

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The book fell open at the index to fall to pieces hacerse pedazos. At that point, the radio fell to pieces to fall silent.

How do you say fall in Spanish the season?

Autumn or fall is referred to as el otoo.

What is the verb for fall in Spanish?

Fall Caer is a reflexive Spanish verb that means “to fall.” It is used when the subject is a real person or thing who is falling.

What are the 4 words for ours in Spanish?

Here are some simple examples of how to use Spanish possessive pronouns:

  • Mo, ma, mos, mas u2014 mine.
  • Tuyo, tuya, tuyos, tuyos u2014 yours (singular informal)
  • Suyo, suya, suyos, suyas u2014 his, hers, yours (singular formal or plural formal), its, theirs.

What is Acampamos?

We camp, in English. Acampar has other meanings.

Does Spain have all 4 seasons?

Spring and Fall While the weather in spring and fall in Spain is generally temperate and ranges from warm to cool, summer and winter can encroach on the other seasons, making four seasons feel like two at times, spring and fall are my favorite times to visit.

What is the English word for Cayo?

islet; key; cayo. (Caribe) islet; cayo.

What is a Spanish word?

Adiu00f3s = Goodbye; Por favor = Please; Gracias = Thank you; Lo siento = Sorry; Salud = Bless you (after someone sneezes).

What means CAER?

Caer (Welsh pronunciation: [kr]; Old Welsh: cair or kair) is a Welsh placename element that roughly translates to “stronghold,” “fortress,” or “citadel,” and is roughly equivalent to the Old English suffix (-ceaster), which is now written as -caster, -cester, or -chester.

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What is the difference between por and para in Spanish?

Por refers to a person who did something u2013 in plain English, something was done by someone. Para refers to a person who did something for someone.

What is my in Spanish plural?

In Spanish,’my car’ is’mi coche,’ but if you’re talking about two or more cars,’my’ (‘mi’) becomes’mis’ = ‘Mis coches.’ Learn all the plurals: Possessive adjectives in Spanish.

What is your is Spanish?

Both su and tu are possessive pronouns or determiners that can mean “your,” but they are not interchangeable, just as t and usted are not interchangeable. T is the informal or familiar way of saying “you” (singular), while usted is the formal way.

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