Quick Answer: How To Say Yes In Thai?

How to Say YES in Thai

If u0e43u0e0au0e22 (chai) isn’t in the question, don’t use it in the answer.

How to Say Yes in Thai – The Quick Answer

If u0e43u0e0a (chai) isn’t in the question, it’s probably best not to use it in the answer.

How to Answer Yes / No Questions in Thai

If it is clear from context who is being referred to, we usually drop the pronouns (you/I/he/she/etc). For example, if you ask “Where are you going?” we only need to say “GO Question-Particle.”

When to Use CHAI

Chai (pronounced CHAI MAI? or CHAI) means “It is,” or sometimes “That is correct.” It is not used in English like “YES,” so stop using it that way as soon as you realize it.

Other Common Thai Sentence Patterns:

Another common pattern is u2026. ru yang? (u0e23u0e36u0e22u0e31u0e07), which literally means “or not yet?” and is the pattern you should use if you want to ask questions like these.

Want to Learn to Read Thai?

To help you understand Thai more easily, try a couple of free lessons from my Thai foundation course.

What does Chai mean in Thai?

When to Use CHAI The only time you should use CHAI ( ) is when someone asks you a question that ends in… CHAI MAI? ( ). CHAI ( ) really means “It is,” or “That is right.” It is not used like “YES” in English, so stop using it that way as soon as you realize it.

What is Mai Chai in Thai?

If you want to say “No, thanks,” say mai ow, which literally means “no want.” If you want to say “No, thanks,” say mai ow, which literally means “no want.”

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What does Kha Khun mean?

3 u2013 Thank You in Thai: Khop Khun kha/khap Khop Khun kha/khap is the Thai word for thank you and is perhaps the most important Thai word to learn.

Does Ka mean yes in Thai?

“Krab” or “Ka” (as seen above) denotes a simple “Yes,” while “Chai”() denotes “Yes, you are correct.”

What does Jing Jing mean in Thai?

The root word is, which means ‘true’ or’real.’ Jing1. When you say it twice, it means’really!’,’seriously!’, or ‘I’m telling the truth.’

What is KHAP in Thai?

Sawasdee (khap/ka) u2013 u201cHellou201d If you’ve ever visited Thailand, you’ve almost certainly heard this phrase. It can mean hello, but it can also mean good morning, good afternoon, or goodbye.

Why do Thai say ka?

u201cThe two politeness particles inserted after English sentences are caused by L1 interference. Thai people are too worried about not sounding polite when they speak or write in English,u201d Tirote explained.

How do you greet someone in Thai?

Thailand’s Culture

  1. Thai people greet each other with the word’sawadee’ followed by ‘kah’ (soft r) for females and ‘kraap’ (soft r) for males in both formal and informal situations. It is customary to address someone of a perceived higher status with the title ‘Khun’ (Mr/Ms) followed by their first name.

What does Sawadee ka mean in Thai?

Do use u201ckau201d and u201ckrabu201d u2013 It is proper to end sentences or greetings with u201ckau201d if you are a woman. For example, u201csawasdeeu201d is hello in Thai…a woman would say u201csawasdee ka.u201d If you are a man, your sentences should end with u201ckrab,u201d so u201csawasdee krabu201d is a proper hello.

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What does Sabai Sabai mean in Thai?

As previously stated, (sabai) means “comfortable” and (dii) means “good,” so (sabaidee) literally means “well comfortable,” and it is used to respond to the question “How are you?” in Thai.

What does nit noi mean in Thai?

Nit noi – Small – a smidgeon.

What does Kop Khun Krap mean?

Thank you for your kind words/welcome.

Is Thai a dying language?

Despite the fact that the language is spoken by an estimated six million people, it is in danger of extinction because younger generations are not being taught it. Thailand’s hill tribe communities (minority groups) speak a variety of languages, many of which are endangered, including Akha.

What does Pai mean in Thai?

We’ve already seen two types of Thai greetings: “Are you well?” and “Have you eaten?” A third uses the word pai, which means “go”: pai nai mah, which means “Where have you been?”

What does AI Koon Chai mean?

Ae refers to Pete as Ai Koon-Chai, a sarcastic nickname. (Which is acceptable when joking with a close friend.)

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